Liane Bornholdt,   Volksstimme   (Magdeburg, Deutschland)

Mit Mario Solimene hat Magdeburg einen Sänger mit einer strahlenden, italienisch gefärbten Stimme gewonnen, der zudem ausdrucksstark und mit emotionaler Ausstrahlung sang, eine Stimme, die das Magdeburger Sängerensamble hervorragend ergänzen könnte.”


Martin Dreyer, The Opera Magazine (United Kingdom – National)

“The best of several young talents on show was Mario Solimene’s Di Luna. His preference for beauty of tone over characterization made him rather less than malicious, but his is a voice destined for far more important arenas.”


Andrew Johnstone, The Irish Times (Rep Ireland – National)

“More commanding still was the splendid Brazilian baritone Mario Solimene who, as the villainous Scarpia, oozed malicious arrogance.”


John Allen, The Irish Times (Rep. Ireland – National)

“Brazilian-born Mario Solimene brought a commanding stage presence and a burnished baritone to the role of the villainous Count of Luna. He was mightily impressive.”


Robert J Farr, MusicWeb’s Live Opera (Internet based)

However, the voice of the evening was that of Mario Solimene as Renato. His singing of ‘Eri tu’ was quite outstanding with firm tone, good diction and a wide range of colour. The best Verdi baritone singing I have heard at the college, and a good few other places too, for some time. A second year post graduate from South America, his bearing and histrionic gifts match his vocal qualities. A singer name I will watch and listen out for in the next few years.”


Kevin Berry, The Stage (United Kingdom – National)

“Coming between them and true happiness is the dastardly Count di Luna, played by Mario Solimene. Here is a striking singer making his character interesting and intriguing.”


The Press and Journal (Scotland – National)

The minimalist mobile walls are the perfect frames for the larger than life characters. None more so than the wonderful Mario Solimene, whose Falstaff is as big on intelligence and voice as he is on girth.”


Alan Cooper, The Herald (Scotland – National)

Baritone Mario Solimene from Brazil, suitably bluff, devious, irrepressible but ultimately loveable as Falstaff led an admirably well-integrated cast.”


The Oldham Evening Chronicle (Regional, Northern England)

But the bass, Mario Solimene – from Brazil via the RNCM – was outstanding. He has a voice with a wonderful sonority, and a commanding presence to match. His rhythm and accuracy in the demanding semi quaver passages of ‘Why do the nations so furiously rage together’ made the scalp prickle.”


Evening Express (Regional, Northern Scotland)

“Brazilian Mario Solimene showed commanding presence as Falstaff, and his well-constructed portrayal brought humour and pathos to the central character.”


Eric Snape, The Sentinel (Regional, Northern England)

“The Brazilian Mario Solimene was tailor-made for the part of Dr Malatesta, Pasquale’s dubios friend – sharp as a razor and infinitely stylish, possibly the best dresser of the lot. “